Learn more about the main subjects and issues involved with the Geopolitics of Israel and the Middle East.



This is not an advocacy oriented learning platform, nor is it meant to be exhaustive of every historical moment of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The goal here of this platform is education. With authenticity and transparency, with the hopes of providing a foundation for every individual to explore further on their own and be open to evolving in their opinions, this platform will serve as a tool to help learners come to their own conclusions. We’re not scared of biases and do not see them as something to shy away from; you will see that in the content here. Nonetheless we have a value of sharing all the stories, facts, opinions, emotions and thoughts as a means to facilitating an authentic educational journey. This platform is not all inclusive regarding what is discussed, nor is it exhaustive of all subjects that need to be examined. Take this as a starting point to further your educational journey and reach your own conclusions regarding Israel, its neighbors, the tension over a shared homeland, and where you fit in this puzzle.

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